October 13, 2009

Legends, Lore and Etiquette

I am kind of annoyed.

Much to my dismay, on Saturday September 26, while checking the news page of the Vault, my eye fell on the entry concerning a NWN Gamewold, apparently thriving since a number of years, which is called... Legends of Luruar.

Cold shower ensues...

Since I have read enough flares, both on the Vault and on the NWN2 forums, to understand more or less what kind of behaviour is considered polite and compliant with the "community's etiquette", as soon as I recovered from the surprise, I thought I should address the unnamed authors of the page (indicated as "various" authors) with the following message, entered as a comment:

"Hi All,

I do not play PWs so I didn't know the existence of this one until yesterday's new entry on the Vault's home page jumped to my eye.

I am developing a nwn2 single player module. Although I am just at the very beginning (yep, I am a noob!), I was going to title the mod "Lore of Luruar" because it is based on the lore of the Silver Marches, the North and the Savage Frontier D&D books.

Now I am embarassed because I realise that my prospected title is extremely similar to the one of your gameworld... I think it is just correct on my part to inform you about this and to ask you if you mind that I keep the title... the fact is that I grew affectionate to it and that Ihave even opened a blog with this name, so I would be sorry to change it.

Please, kindly let me know whether this is a problem for you! And if this entry is not the correct place to adress my queries, I would be grateful if you could indicate to me the person(s) to contact directly.

Thank you and best regards,


I honestly hoped to get a pat on the shoulder...

Now more than two weeks have elapsed and I have not yet received any kind sign of acknowledgement. The comment has definitely been seen because in the meantime another of the above mentioned "Vault flare" broke out on that very page: a former player dropped a line of criticism and the current players and DMs replied accordingly... the usual stuff where nobody really makes a point. However, Dms must have seen my note.

So, did I do enough? I mean, should consider myself compliant with the community's etiquette, mind my business and keep LOL as a title? Or should I actively seeking formal blessing from the administrators of the PW, perhaps registering in their forum and reiterating my question?

Any feedback appreciated!