November 11, 2009

The mountains and the mastermind masterplan masterbedroom

This weekend I have actually done my homework!

Now the Nether Mountains area is finished! Relatively finished, at least, as I hope to learn better texturing techniques as I progress, so hopefully it can be improved.

Admittedly, this area features certain inconsistencies with the Lore:

- the Nether Mountains are supposed to be "dark". However, I chose a light texture because the PC crosses this part of the mountains from Jalanthar to the Moon Pass Gorge at the very beginning of the mod and has to kill moderately annoying baddies (Tuskers!), so I didn't want it to be excessively foreboding. The darker tones will be used for more dramatic landscapes like the Telkoun Tower, Hellgate Dell (former site of Hellgate Keep) and Dalagar's Daggers / Doomspire where the Morueme's dragon clan dwells (if I have the time, as this would be optional in my plot);

- the flora of the Nether Mountains described in the source books cannot be related to the real life flora supported by the toolset. Therefore, since the maps of this region indicate that south of the range the vegetation is deciduous, I went for it. I just tried to give a very bare and desolated feeling to the poor things.

I post screenies for the experts' advice, and please tell me if it is clear that something is wrong with the water level of the River Rauvin ( a plot devise).

I have also been making my very first interior area! I don't like it as much as making exterior areas ... placeables are a mess! and I never find what I want! I could not find a orizontal pole to hang the tents of the four poster bed, so I had to use the mask exposition rescaled! And I wanted to use some custom content, but it was conflicting with SoZ placeables, and I don't quite feel up to the task of editing 2da numbers, yet, so it will be for another time (pity because that "huge mirror" would have been stunning in the wardrobe/boudoir corner!!! ;-))

Anyway, I am happy with the result as I succeded in making the room as kitch as intended. This will be used for a cutscene hinting at the conceiving of the evil plan setting the plot in motion, and I hope that the obstented lush of the furniture can give an idea of the personality of my villain (definitely NOT an aged austere wizard).

As always, advice appreciated!!!


  1. Wow these areas stop you in your tracks. They are faded in colour which looks much more realistic, so it's that much more impressive that the realism is so polished that it stands out. Thar creek water you have looks a littler dark though, as to look fake. The colour is fine but maybe just reduce the saturation (slide the colour towards white)?

    Of course I shouldnt really talk my stuff looks horrible in comparison in ALL categories haha.

    You should post this on the modules forum, we need to keep it going to show works are coming out, or people will stop looking by the time you put it out.

  2. Thank you!

    I know the water is not good, I still have to experiment a lot to get the right transparent but muddy look.

    I have considered posting updates on the forum, but have refrained from it as my progresses are too slow and discontinued. When I get better I will most definitely do it!

  3. You should check the Vault out for Wyrin's day/night-cycle set - there's a really good one for interior areas.

  4. That's a fact, I haven't even started with interior lightning! Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. wow theese areas are just amazing :D good work gonna be cool to see more of this