December 20, 2009

SoZ Holiday Project - who wants a cave entrance?

I may not be very experienced but I thought I should contribute something to this commendable initiative!

For time costraints, I couldn't make a brand new area, but I am glad to give one of the areas I made for LoL: the Nether Mountains! Conveniently rearranged with jungle grass 02 and a nice splashy river instead of the poor dry Rauvin River, so that it can be placed in the Samarach Overland Map!

Now, the thing is that there are 4 cave entrances, and I have time to make 1 dungeon max! The Fred has reserved 1 entrance for the dungeon he is making, but 2 remain empty. Needless to say, the area would feel stupid if 2 out of 4 caves led to nothing, so...

Who wants a cave?

Come one, somebody among my countless followers must be willing to make a little mountain dungeon!!! It is for the community!!! Perhaps an area previously discarded from your mod?

To solicit applications, I post new screenies of the area and of the 4 entrances (the last one is the one I would use myself). The cave with the blood spot is particularly cute and recommended to anyone!

p.s. day/night settings by Ovocean (Exquisite Day Night Settings - normal setting)