January 10, 2010

Nacaal's Holiday Project

This kept me away from working on the SoZ Holiday Project.

Shame on me!


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  2. This is absolutely outrageous! You should really be ashamed. I certainly hope that you did some research on water reflections and beach texture and coloring :) BTW what the stats of that tree climbing lizard scout?

    Nice photos! Happy new 2010!

  3. White sands, clear blue waters, palm trees... NEVER gets old. I envy you. Where was that?

    P.S. you mean you did not bring a laptop to work on the mod?

  4. @ Amraphael: yes! Now I am really regretting to have chosen the Silver Marches as setting of my mod! But perhaps it is not too late to converti it into a pirate adventure on the shore of exotic seas! :-)
    btw, that was a though beastie!!! and I haven't mentioned the one 1.5 meter long, resting just on the path to my room... unsettling...

    @ E.C. It was Guadalupe, and no, I haven't brought a laptop! and my mobile phone was switched off all the time and locked up in the safe of the room! After 1 year of bringing my laptop basically everywere, including the bed :-(, it was kind of a relief!

    p.s.: there is something lately in my office firewall (yes, I blog at work because I basically live at work!) that prevents me from reading comments and commenting on your blog (only yours! I don't know why!) so I haven't yet been able to congratulate you about Trinity! I was really looking forward to it! I know it is going to be amazing!

    @ Ronnie J... whatever!