September 05, 2010

so much to catch up with!

After a long break from NWN2 due to work overload and summer hobbies taking precedence, I am back to modding.

I have a several blog posts to read, and many new interesting mods to play. Sadly, no forum anymore to ask my obnoxious n00b questions.

I have, however, been working a little during the last months, resulting in a couple more areas. Herein below is a completely out-of-place Bedine camp in the Nether Mountains. This guys (not featured, as I haven't learned ambience yet) must have some very good reasons to travel so far west from their home in Anauroch desert!

Presently, I am completely re-doing my very first area (the first both in the mod and in my toolset experience), the town of Jalanthar, because it was poorly done. Not a good idea to start with a town!

So, back in business! ;-)


  1. Do you know about the new forums ?

  2. I'm glad to hear this mod isn't abandoned. I feared the worst and I am thrilled that you're still working on it. the screens are awesome as always.

  3. Hi!!!
    I was worried that you'd put the project on hold forever. Really glad to hear that your're back on it. Really, really like the area screen shots. You have improved your design skills alot. As Kamal said: the forum has moved in with Bioware's other forums at They keeping the tradition of having the NWN-games at one place despite the different developers.

    And you know that if you get stuck on something you can always drop me a line. Even if I'm not building actively I'm still having the toolset installad and occasionally helping other builders.

  4. @ Kamal: thnk you for the tip&link! my understanding was that the new forums would be somewhat different from the old ones, so I never bothered to check them before. I got a pleasant surprise there.

    @ Hoegbo: thank you for your support! I am determined to finished this, just I am not under much pressure, I want it to be just fun. I am confident that, when I finish, there will still be around a few of us who want to play D&D games!

    @ Amraphael: as always, you are too kind. Thank you! Beware of you offer, I might actually do that!